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Extractor cleaning
Extractor cleaning

If you’re one of the people in Richmond who every year are moving out of an old apartment, house, bungalow, or home and into a new one, cleaning is at the lowermost of the urgency list with so many further more significant responsibilities to do. With Shiny Cleaners services, though, there is no essential to concern about losing your security deposit by not cleaning your old apartment, house, bungalow, or home at the end of your lease or moving into your new one and determining that it’s messy since the earlier tenant left without cleaning.

Living in Richmond can be a really traumatic life, let us support you retain your home clean and boot out some of that hassle. Our professional house cleaners can get any filthy job done in a very effective method.

Professional house cleaning use special tools in possession the house clean. Depending on the kind of cleaning job involved, professionals frequently use professional cleaning.

When you appoint professionals to do that for you, you would realise that they would touch all fragments of the home that you have never supposed of.

Professional home cleaners would support you in unalike behaviours, they would warrant that every part of your home gets the type of care it ask for.

Final tenancy cleaning is an significant part of the house cleaning services industry and it can’t be hassled adequate how maids have to do this previously saying they’ve finished the job.

When you involve the services of professionals, you are going to relish relaxation and peacetime. Our cleaners are very well-organized. They are well skilled and prepared and that is why after they have ended, you would detect that your home would look nice and clean.

Shiny Cleaners take time and clean all parts of your home including areas, which you oversee most of the times such as your closets, skirting’s, kitchen cabinets as well as your oven and other unseen spots in the household.

When you are a Landlord, who have a rental home that you rent out, you’re going to need a good house cleaning service, and that’s exactly what this company is about and pertains to in every way.

By contracting Shiny Cleaners service you’ll be able to save a lot of time and improve a mass of hassle that it would put on you personally if you didn’t have a good cleaning service.

Moving in into a new apartment, or leaving your old house or office, Shiny Cleaners Services can support get the residence sparkly clean and shape. Cleaning your living space is not one significant for the good vision of your home, but also, a clean and shape living environment can importantly effect the constructive vigour of your home.

Shiny Cleaners proposals professional house cleaners which are extremely inspired and skilled to produce greatly effective effects when cleaning your house. We as a cleaning company also sense the necessity to help your condition and the atmosphere, this is why at your demand we are prepared to deliver you with eco cleaning products.

Why Use Our Move in Cleaning and Move Out Cleaning Services?

When you rent Shiny Cleaners, you can belief that you’re receiving the Richmond area’s best cleaning experts. We have adequately of knowledge in expediting Richmond occupants moving, cleaning quite of their previous or upcoming flats, houses and homes. We take pride in helping our customers who are moving out, cleaning their past houses to their exact shape, as well as letting our customers to move into glittering clean homes.

We’re fully insured and bonded so you can take cosiness in meaningful that we’re secure in contradiction of any possibilities.

If you leased a house or an apartment and are at the end of the tenancy, you’ll be very familiar with those fussy requirements of landlords when it comes to move-out day. The home has to be in perfect condition, which can be a really high direction if you’ve been residing there for a year or longer. The normal living makes dirt, grime and dust in spaces you can’t see and landlord wants it to be perfect.
We at Shiny Cleaners, know exactly what’s predictable and will leave your home shiny clean and  shipshape, summit the great criteria.
If for any motive your landlord or property manager is not pleased with any aspect of our cleaning job, we will come back to reclean for free!

Now at Shiny Cleaners we have shaped a thorough cleaning tasklist which includes a range of choices, such as, carpet cleaning, oven cleaning, blinds cleaning, curtains cleaning, deep bathroom and kitchen cleaning. Our domestic cleaning service list can at any time be change, in order to deliver you with the most custom cleaning service.

We are prepared to deliver a cleaning service that is reasonable and effective.

10 points why to pick Shiny Cleaners

Key pick up upon request

Fully insured cleaners

Eco friendly detergents and cleaning supplies

No time limit session – It’s done when it’s clean.

Different promotions for a multitude of service bookings

Years of past experiences in the cleaning business

Short notice bookings available

Exclusive special discounts for returned Richmond clientele

48h FREE re-clean guarantee (Terms and Conditions apply)

check-out cleaning with fully trained professionals

How The Move Out Cleaners Do It

  1. We will dispatch a team of cleaners (usually 2 or 3) who will arrive at a time you’ve specified.
  2. The experts carry all necessary equipment and detergents and will commence the cleaning session right away.
  3. Special attention will be paid to the areas specified in the schedule, in order to ensure the best results possible.
  4. We will send you invoice, ensuring that the property has been cleaned professionally and a shining place, ready for inspection.

NOTE: Please keep in mind that this service can’t be performed up to standard if the tenant’s personal belongings are not removed (or at least packed and gathered somewhere).

Additional Cleaning Procedures:

You can combine your End of Tenancy Cleaning with:

 Deep carpet cleaning –If the textile floor coverings need to be clean, then we can also assist you with expert hot water extraction. This is a professional procedure performed with special equipment. It is suitable for most types of carpets and upholstered furniture.


Is somebody unhappy? We’ve got a 48 hours guarantee!

Only a professional cleaning company will guarantee your check-out deposit refund with your after-tenancy service.

If you notice that some area wasn’t cleaned properly, then please contact us as till 48 hours after completion of the cleaning session. We will send the team back for a free re-clean (T&C apply). This way we ensure that tenants will get their security deposits back and landlords will be content with the state of their property

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